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Embrace the wild at heart with our Backcountry Companion, a coffee that pays homage to the rugged soul of every adventurer. Crafted to elevate your outdoor pursuits, this coffee is the perfect companion for those who chase the thrill of the unknown.

As you sip this expertly blended dark medium roast, envision yourself deep within the heart of the untamed wilderness. The dark roast brings forth bold flavors of toasted cocoa evoking memories of early mornings spent under a brand new sky.

Meanwhile, subtler notes of vanilla undertones and a touch of caramel, mirror the delicate balance of nature's symphony. Whether you are conquering new trails, casting lines into tranquil waters, or simply finding solace around a roaring fire, our Backcountry Companion captures the essence of every outdoor escapade. Let each cup be a tribute to your daring spirit as you embark on a flavor-filled journey through the Great Outdoors.

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