About Dripfish

Thank you for checking us out! If you didn't already know, Dripfish Coffee is owned and operated by the same people behind Walton Rods and Range Reels. We are fishy folks, but we also love all aspects of the outdoors. If you are like us, it's hard to imagine going fishing, hunting, camping, or really anything in nature without a nice cup of coffee while you are at it. With this is mind, Dripfish Coffee was created to help fuel this passion. 

At Dripfish, we we have partnered with a very prominent coffee importer and roaster to make our blends. Each coffee you purchase was carefully selected by us, to our tasting standards, to provide what we feel is the best cup of coffee you can get this side of the Internet. We know our coffee costs more than what you would find in a grocery store, but you also won't find a coffee that tastes this good in a grocery store either. 

Finally, we are very proud to partner with multiple state DNR K9 enforcement programs to donate a portion of every sale to help their programs continue to run. We decided to lend out a helping hand in this direction because most state K9 DNR programs are funded by the officer or the department, and do not receive tax dollars. Without DNR K9 programs, there would be a lot more lost hikers, hunters, and fishermen, and lot more wildlife violations would be getting committed as well. This is just our way of giving back and hoping to help everyone have a great time enjoying their passion in the outdoors.