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Camper Shoots at Bigfoot in Mammoth Cave National Park

Camper Shoots at Bigfoot in Mammoth Cave National Park

Sep 18, 2023

Brad Smith

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes we're not saying Bigfoot is real. We're not saying Bigfoot isn't real either. However, there's been thousands of sightings of something for a very long time all over the world. All those people can't all be making it up and all those people couldn't be misidentifying something either. That's pretty much our stance. That being said, in a story coming out of Kentucky, a camper shot at what he considered to be a Bigfoot, and the story only gets stranger from there. 

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As reported, eye witnesses said a man camping at a backcountry site at Mammoth Cave National Park, near them, said his camp site was destroyed. Minutes later, he started yelling and fired a round into the darkness. Nobody else saw anything, and all anyone had to go on is that guy's word that he shot at what he described as a Bigfoot. The witnesses then told the authorities and everything is now being investigated. 

So here's where our logic comes in. Maybe the guy saw something, maybe he didn't. However, in today's world of social media, we could easily see this as people screwing with a camper trying to get a scare out of them, and then catching a bullet in the process. 

Let this be a warning to everyone this hunting season wanting to scare somebody while wearing an ape costume - you'll get shot and it's your fault if it happens. We want to believe Bigfoot is real, but a threat is a threat if it's real or imaginary and people have the right to defend themselves. 

Anyway, here's to the hope that Bigfoot is really out there! 

image via Blue Ridge Outdoors