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Dripfish Coffee is specialty grade...What does that even mean?

Dripfish Coffee is specialty grade...What does that even mean?

Sep 17, 2023

Brad Smith

In a world of coffee, there is a difference. 

As Dripfish Coffee nears ever closer to our full launch, final preparations are starting to fall into place. For example, our coffee labels are almost complete, a new website is almost ready to launch, and new partnerships are ready to be announced. It's an exciting time to say the least. Our soft launch went over great with hundreds of bags of coffee sold all over the US - with rave reviews. One question we keep getting though is, what is "specialty grade" coffee? Well, here's the answer. 

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In the world of coffee, there exists a distinction that transcends the ordinary, a realm where every sip is an adventure, and each cup is a testament to craftsmanship, quality, and unparalleled flavor. This distinction is known as specialty grade coffee. While grocery store coffee offers convenience and affordability, specialty grade coffee stands as the pinnacle of coffee excellence. This grade is even one classification above coffee you'd find at even the best gourmet coffee shops. 

The Essence of Specialty Grade Coffee

Specialty grade coffee is the product of an uncompromising commitment to quality at every stage of its journey from bean to cup...

  1. Exceptional Sourcing: Our specialty coffee beans are sourced with painstaking attention to detail, from specific regions and single estates. These beans thrive under these optimal conditions, at the perfect altitude, in the right climate, and with soil that imparts unique flavors.

  2. Rigorous Quality Control: Every bean of our specialty grade coffee undergoes meticulous quality control. Each batch is hand-inspected to ensure that only the finest beans, free from defects, reach the consumer. This rigorous process guarantees a consistent and superior flavor profile.

  3. Artful Roasting: Roasting coffee is an art, and our specialty coffee roasters are the artists. They carefully tailor roast profiles to accentuate the natural characteristics of each bean, resulting in a nuanced and complex flavor profile that's far from the standard, uniform roast found in grocery store coffee.

  4. Freshness: All Dripfish Coffee's specialty grade coffee is roasted in small batches and delivered fresh to consumers, on the same day it roasts. This commitment to freshness preserves the unique flavors and aromas, ensuring that every cup is an exquisite experience.

  5. Transparency and Traceability: All of our beans have Specialty grade beans have detailed information about its origin, processing methods, and the farmers who cultivated the beans to begin with.

The Economics of Grocery Store Coffee

Now, here's a look into why grocery store coffee is substantially cheaper compared to its specialty grade counterpart:

  1. Mass Production: Grocery store coffee is produced on an industrial scale, emphasizing quantity over quality. This mass production process results in lower costs due to economies of scale, but it often sacrifices flavor and uniqueness.

  2. Simplified Sourcing: Supermarket coffee is typically sourced from multiple origins and blended for consistency. This simplification reduces costs but diminishes the complexity of flavor that specialty coffee is known for.

  3. Roasting Profile: Grocery store coffee tends to be roasted to a standard medium or dark profile. This uniformity in roasting ensures a consistent taste but may mask the inherent qualities of the beans.

  4. Packaging and Shelf Life: To extend shelf life, grocery store coffee is often pre-ground and sealed in containers that may not provide ideal protection from light and air, which can degrade the flavor over time. This approach also reduces costs by reducing the need for specialized packaging.

All of our specialty grade coffee represents the peak of coffee culture, offering a delightful blend of exceptional quality, nuanced flavors, and a commitment to sustainability. Grocery store coffee, while undeniably convenient and budget-friendly, sacrifices many of the qualities that make our specialty grade coffee a true artisanal experience.

Here's to your next adventure.