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Police Officer Kills Pet Deer, Town Now in Turmoil Over the Incident

Police Officer Kills Pet Deer, Town Now in Turmoil Over the Incident

Oct 26, 2023

Brad Smith

Not so sure things had to happen this way...

In a crazy story coming out of Michigan, Pokagon Band Tribal Police Officer David Loza was assisting the county sheriff's department outside of the reservation on a routine call when he noticed a deer in a nearby yard. According to the story, he walked over to it and discovered it was tame. At that point, he put a collar around it, wrestled it to the ground, and shot it in the neck, because taming wild deer is illegal, killing the deer.

Now, the town of Lawrence is demanding justice for Annie, the pet deer. There is even a Facebook group that has been created trying to force some kind of action be taken against Officer Loza for killing the deer.  


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There is a video floating around of the entire incident but we aren't going to show it. To be honest, it's pretty graphic. It is exactly what was outlined above. If you want to watch it, search for it, and you'll see it.

Currently, Officer Loza is on administrative while the incident is being investigated. His authority under the sheriff's department has also been revoked. Loza only has police power while on the Pokagon reservation and is no longer authorized as an officer anywhere else. 

Image via Brenda Lynn-Muff