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Surviving a coyote pack attack: Let's kick some ass

Surviving a coyote pack attack: Let's kick some ass

Sep 07, 2023

Brad Smith

Coyotes are intelligent and adaptable creatures that have adapted well to living in close proximity to human communities. While they generally avoid confrontations with humans, there are rare instances where people may find themselves facing a pack of coyotes. Understanding how to react in such a situation can be crucial for your safety. Ready to fight some coyotes? Here we go. 

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  1. Stay Calm

The first and most important thing to do when confronted by a pack of coyotes is to remain calm. Panic can cloud your judgment and lead to irrational actions. Coyotes are more likely to see you as a threat if you are acting erratically, potentially escalating the situation.

  1. Do Not Run

One of the worst things you can do in the presence of a coyote pack is to run. Coyotes are predators, and they have a strong instinct to chase down fleeing prey. Running can trigger their predatory response, making you appear like an easy target. Instead, stand your ground.

  1. Make Yourself Appear Larger

To deter coyotes from approaching, make yourself appear as large and intimidating as possible. Raise your arms and stand on your tiptoes to increase your height. Open your jacket or clothing to make yourself look bulkier. This can help to make you seem less like prey and more like a potential threat.

  1. Make Loud Noises

Yell, shout, and make loud noises to scare the coyotes away. Clap your hands, use a whistle, or even bang pots and pans together if you have them nearby. Coyotes are generally averse to loud and unexpected noises, and this may be enough to make them reconsider approaching.

  1. Maintain Eye Contact

Keep your eyes on the coyotes at all times. Avoid breaking eye contact, as this can signal to them that you are vulnerable or submissive. Staring them down may discourage them from advancing.

  1. Back Away Slowly

While maintaining eye contact, back away from the coyotes slowly and steadily. Do not turn your back on them until you are at a safe distance. Do not make sudden movements or gestures, as this could trigger an aggressive response.

  1. Use Deterrents / Weapons

If you have access to a pepper spray, use it to deter the coyotes. Aim for their eyes and nose, as this can cause temporary discomfort and discourage them from approaching. Carrying a walking stick or a sturdy object can also provide a means of defense if needed. If you carry a firearm, that would handle the situation pretty easily. 

  1. Protect Small Children and Pets

If you are with small children or pets, pick them up and hold them close to you. Coyotes are more likely to view small animals as potential prey, so keeping them out of harm's way is essential.

  1. Kick Some Ass

If by some chance you find yourself in the rare circumstance of an immanent attack from a pack of coyotes, fight them. Kicking one of them in the face would likely discourage the others and at least show you aren't an easy meal. If you are bitten or scratched though, seek medical attention immediately. Coyotes can carry diseases such as rabies, and prompt treatment is crucial to prevent infections or complications.

Encounters with a pack of coyotes that want to eat you are not likely, but it's essential to be prepared and know how to react if you find yourself in such a situation. Staying calm, standing your ground, and using the tips mentioned above can help you deter coyotes and ensure your safety. Remember that prevention is key, so be cautious when in coyote-prone areas and take steps to reduce the likelihood of encountering these animals in the first place. 

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