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A Top 10 Wisconsin Buck Has Just been Tagged

A Top 10 Wisconsin Buck Has Just been Tagged

Oct 31, 2022

Brad Smith

This is one big Wisconsin buck!

Everyone knows that Wisconsin is a big deer state. Every year it seems we hear of just massive bucks being taken. Well, this year is no different. Jeff Crowns, of Wisconsin Rapids, has just tagged a Wisconsin all-time top 10 buck. You got to see his picture to believe it! 

Jeff Crowns Top 10 Wisconsin Buck

Tagged in Grant County, Wisconsin, the green score came in at 173 2/8. According to the initial report, Crowns has seen this buck several times before while hunting earlier in the year, but things finally lined up and his buck tag was punched Halloween weekend. 

Congrats Jeff. What a big freaking deer! 

Image found from Jeff Crown's FB page. 

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