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Buy Coffee and Help Fight Poaching in Indiana.

Buy Coffee and Help Fight Poaching in Indiana.

Nov 03, 2022

Brad Smith

DNR K9's are on the front line of the fight against poaching and other wildlife crimes in Indiana.

Dripfish Coffee has been offering world class coffee blends and speciality options directly to their customers since October of 2022. This upstart coffee company is actually an offshoot of Walton Rods, a world-wide fly fishing company based in Indiana. As the philanthropic arm of their operation, Dripfish aims to make a difference in an area that helps all outdoorsmen regardless if they are fishermen, hunters, or other recreational enthusiasts. 

Here's Dripfish Coffee's most popular blend

Image via Indiana DNR Law Enforcement FB Page

Starting now through the end of the year Dripfish Coffee will be donating all of their proceeds directly to the Indiana DNR Law Enforcement K9 Program. The state of Indiana has an operational budget for the K9 program, but a lot of things fall outside of this window. For example, vet visits, vehicle heat alarms, GPS trackers for their dogs, and even protective gear, often falls on the officer or through other self-funded means. 


 It's no secret how much of a difference these DNR K9s make in law enforcement activities. From tracking down poachers, lost people, finding hidden weapons, to even drugs, these dogs are critical in aiding DNR officers in their daily job. 

Check out this speciality blend from Dripfish Coffee

This is where you can help. You can actually donate directly to this program here, or you can select a variety of great tasting coffee options through Dripfish and we'll donate everything left after operational costs of the coffee. It's that simple.  

Fresh, delicious coffee, delivered right to your door - and you can help make a difference in the process for Indiana's wildlife. 

Image taken directly from the Indiana DNR Law Enforcement FB Page

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