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Top 4 Ways to Avoid Hitting a Deer

Top 4 Ways to Avoid Hitting a Deer

Oct 23, 2022

Brad Smith

This time of year, deer are everywhere! 

Growing up in the rural landscapes of Indiana, deer were absolutley everywhere. It wasn't uncommon to see a roadkill deer any day of the year, but they were especially abundant during the fall when rut starts to peak. There are some tips and techniques that people in deer country have learned to not run one down with their vehicle, and with a little presence of mind, you can help increase your chances to avoid hitting a deer as well. 

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#1. Slow down 

During the low light hours of early morning and later evening from October to December, it's very common to see deer running across the road. You don't need to drive slow all the time, but in areas where they are deer signs, uncut crops, and oasis woods next to the side of the road, you should. 

#2. Honk and flash

We were always taught to honk and flash our brights on long stretches of road after dark. The honking gets their attention and the flashing catches their eye. This is all in hopes that these brown kamikazes will stop their suicide run to the road.

#3. What for the herd 

In the fall, deer typically run in groups. It could be a small herd of does or a single doe being chased by a buck. When you see one run across the road in front of you, there's likely more behind it. That's the biggest clue to slow down, honk and flash. 

#4. Don't swerve. 

If there is a deer in the road, just hit the brakes, but don't swerve. Deer like to juke at the last minute, and like a linebacker chasing down a running back, you'll swerve right into them. Allow their instincts to dodge the vehicle. Swerving just gives you a 50% higher chance that you are going to plow right into it. 

Well, good luck. Even with this knowledge, I've still managed to hit 3 deer in the 24 years I've been driving. Sometimes, I guess, you just get lucky. 

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