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Do Deer Hunting Scent Control Products Really Work?

Do Deer Hunting Scent Control Products Really Work?

Dec 05, 2022

Brad Smith

Wow, things kind of got a little out of hand 

Just the other day, Dripfish Coffee posted on their social media feed that deer hunting scent control products were overrated. They went on to specify that it's far better to play the wind than to rely on scent control products to cover or mask your scent. Deer have millions of years of evolution and their noses are pretty good. Can modern science actually beat a deer's nose? Well, if their social media community had anything to say about it, the reaction was mixed, but largely in the "no" category. 

Deer hunting scent control products don't work

From buddyw25: "Father In-law smoked and drank coffee always shot a big deer sitting on the ground" - if he was drinking Dripfish he would have shot bigger deer...Just saying. 

From Jay: "No they don’t (scent control products).....and I used to be sponsored by them! Seems a lot of people who work in the industry had similar things to say.

From Blake Sheppard: "Very true, I have got 2 of my nicest bucks with zero scent killer on within 30 yards" This comment was repeated by many people.

 Deer hunting scent control products do work

From Wes brewer: "I’ve killed 6 deer in the 140’s- 3 in the 150’s- 2 in the 160’s and 1 in the 190’s scent control and wind are just 2 things that made it possible." That's a valid point

From concrete prisoner: "I started out hunting scent control AND hunting wind. Both have merits. I stopped scent control and hunted wind only. I saw a difference. It does help." First hand experience is a great teacher

From Dom: "Couldn’t disagree more. Been using scent away and have killed big bucks recently. When I don’t wear it, I get does blowing at me." This kind of comment was repeated as well. 

The Verdict

At the time of this article, there have been 228 comments on this thread for people both for and against deer hunting scent control products. The majority of those comments were in agreement that largely, you can't beat a deer's nose if they are downwind. However, in some cases in some parts of the US, perhaps stars align a little and they do work? Hard to say. Perhaps maybe it's mental? If spaying something on your body before you hunt allows you to sit in your position longer without moving, then, logically, you are going to see more deer. 

Different strokes for different folks right? 

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