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Dripfish Coffee to Donate Directly to Indiana DNR K9 Program

Dripfish Coffee to Donate Directly to Indiana DNR K9 Program

Oct 20, 2022

Brad Smith

Every little bit helps. 

Dripfish Coffee officially launched in early October of this year. As a subsidiary of Walton Rods, a national fly rod and fly reel maker located in Zionsville, In, Dripfish has partnered with a private coffee roaster to produce their blends based on their own guidelines, tastes, and specifications. Through this process, fresh coffee is delivered directly to customers in the freshest way possible. 

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Dripfish Coffee isn't just another online coffee company. They are an outdoors brand fueled by a passion for hunting and fishing. For this reason, they have decided to work directly with state DNR agencies around the US to help bolster their K9 programs. Most of these state programs are self funded by the officers or the agencies and receive very little, if any, tax dollars. These K9 programs are vital to the conservation of hunting and fishing activities all across the US.

Image via IDNR FB Page


For the remainder of 2022, Dripfish will be donating portions of every sale of each bag of coffee directly to the Indiana Conservation Officer K9 program.  These specific K9's are trained to detect deer, turkey, and other wildlife as well as helping in search and rescue efforts for lost hikers, hunters, fishermen, as well as any other person who is missing in the forests or fields of Indiana. 

Not only does Dripfish offer superior, fresh, coffee, they are also making a difference in the outdoors. Get your bag today! 

Images via Indiana DNR Law Enforcement FB page