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The northern lights are visible here 300 days a year!

The northern lights are visible here 300 days a year!

Aug 16, 2023

Brad Smith

Seeing the Northern Lights is a lifelong goal for many, not to mention a polar bear! 

Recently, we started getting an itch to see the Northern Lights. Several times this summer, alerts have been sent out showing how far south into the US the Northern Lights would were going to travel, but yet, we still haven't seen them. We were even in Alaska earlier this year, but it was during the daylight times and didn't get to see them there either. However, we found a place we might have to travel to soon to check this goal right off our list. 

Northern Light Lazy Bear Expeditions

Lazy Bear Expeditions is a travel destination location located in Churchill, Manitoba, in Canada, this is about as good of a chance you are going to get to see the Northern Lights. According to the Lazy Bear website, their lodge can be reached by plane or by train. There are also three peak times to come.

Lazy Bear Expeditions

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The first is for the summer season with beluga whales easily visible in Hudson Bay as well as seeing polar bears dotting the entire landscape. The fall season brings in the northern lights, and the winter season is all about the bears. Depending on the your style, the choice is yours. For us, it sounds like the fall is the best time, due to longer dark times. They even say the lights are visible on average of 300 days a year, but peaking in the fall.  

If this sounds like something you might be interested in as well, the National Geographic went as far as name this lodge as one their top travel destination hotels. If the spirit of adventure has a hold on your soul like it does on us, maybe we'll see you there. 

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All photos via Lazy Bear Expeditions website